New York Bond Calculator

The law in New York limits how much a bail bond agent can charge you. This calculator can help you figure out how much you can be charged based on the amount of the bond.

Enter the total amount of your bond:

Here is the maximum amount a bail bond agent can charge you:

The calculations are based off of the following formula:

If the bail bond set by the judge is... The MAXIMUM AMOUNT a bondsman can charge you is...
$200 or less $10
$201 - $3,000 10% of the bond
$3,001 - $10,000 10% of the first $3,000
+ 8% of the amount above $3,000
$10,001 or more 10% of the first $3,000
+ 8% of the next $7,000
+ 6% of the amount above $10,000

*Note: The maximum allowable amount in the calculation should include any and all fees (no additional amounts are allowed by law). The maximum amount is separate from any collateral that may be required.*

For more information about bail payment in New York, check out this pamphlet.